Hockey Fans Fight Cancer

I was rewatching an old NHL game earlier and it reminded me of something else the lockout made us miss out on: Hockey Fights Cancer. It doesn’t seem very fair that charities didn’t get the money they could have because NHL hockey was too busy with its industry side to keep the games going. So I was thinking that we hockey fans should pick up the slack - donate! Lots of people have been talking about boycotting games and not spending money to make a point; why not put that money towards a good cause instead? The average ticket price for an NHL game last season was $57.10, so if you can spare it, I think that would be a pretty meaningful amount to donate. Of course, if you can’t swing that, any donation amount (or even just spreading this idea) would help! Here’s a quick list of the charities affiliated with Hockey Fights Cancer with links to their general donation pages:

As a little extra incentive, if you do end up donating, send proof of your donation to me via tumblr or at rinoaheartilly[at]gmail[dot]com, and I’ll either draw you a little cartoon of your favorite player/team/mascot/whatever or send you a dozen assorted 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee cards. You can see the sort of stuff I draw here and here. As far as the cards go, I’ve been through three hobby boxes and a couple handfuls of single packs at this point, so I’ve got a lot of dupes to spare; tell me your team(s) of choice, and I can probably find some good stuff to mail your way.

We all know that hockey fans are the best fans; why not let the rest of the world know too? Hockey Fans Fight Cancer!

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